Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL is the acknowledgment of skills and knowledge obtained through learning achieved outside the formal education and training system and includes work and life experience including paid and volunteer work and skills attained through leisure pursuits such as musical, mechanical or linguistic abilities.

RPL recognises any prior knowledge and experience and measures it against the qualification in which students are enrolled. The individual may not need to complete all of a training program if he or she already possesses some of the competencies taught in the program.

Participants may apply for RPL following enrolment in a chosen course.  An RPL Candidate’s Information Kit is available in the flexible delivery learning system which explains the process in more detail.

Odyssey House Victoria offers candidates an RPL process which consists of:

  1. Presentation of evidence
  2. Self-Evaluation Questionnaire and a
  3. Workplace interview

Presentation of evidence consists of the candidate collecting and collating workplace documents, training evidence, case studies, Third Party Report and Self Evaluation. Guides as to the types of evidence are provided in the RPL Kit below and candidates can use the following to also assist in this:

  • Aid to Candidate to Organise Evidence
  • Practical Task Checklist

The following evidence must be submitted with the Application for RPL:

  • CV
  • Position Description
  • Notarised copies of qualifications and/or other training certificates

Other evidence may be submitted either prior to the interview or at the interview with the Assessor.

The Workplace interview involves an Assessor attending and interviewing the candidates in their workplace.  The interview will consist of a series of questions (Question Bank) pertinent to the units of competency and viewing workplace documents.  and possibly speaking to supervisors.  The interview is usually of 2-3 hours in duration but may take a number of sessions in some circumstances to gather the evidence required for a full qualification.  Most of the questioning will be based on the Self Evaluation Questions and the Aid to candidate to Organise Evidence attached to this information package.  The assessor will need to view evidence similar to the evidence portfolio listed below. The evidence will not need to be collected beforehand but made available on request during the interview.  However if a candidate has collected some of the information and has it on hand this may decrease the time of the interviews

Please Note:     Course participants may complete any individual or group of units via the RPL method. They are not entitled to complete a unit by a combined method of coursework and recognition evidence.

It is also important to note that undertaking the recognition process will not reduce the overall cost of the course as assessors will still be required to examine and assess submitted evidence of current competence. Undertaking recognition may however enable the training participant to complete their chosen course more quickly.     Please be aware that evidence submitted for RPL cannot be returned. Applicants are encouraged to keep copies of their whole portfolio.

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